MBB Friends of the Brand

Sofie Formica

In 2014, television personality Sofie Formica was welcomed as the first female Brand Ambassador at Mercedes-Benz Brisbane. Sofie has forged a career as a television personality, producer, marketer and adviser for more than twenty years. She is an outstanding member of the Brisbane community and serves as a passionate advocate for person and environmental wellbeing.

In 1995 Sofie took her career international and in this time was handpicked by Oprah Winfrey to co-host and technology mentor a 13-part television series for the Oxygen television network in the United States. After returning to Australia and a short hiatus, Sofie has now become the longest-running host on ‘Great Day Out'.

Sofie’s innate ability to command a room, her kind spirit and long-running entrepreneurial background have allowed her to fit in seamlessly to the Mercedes-Benz Brisbane family. As always we are thrilled to be working with such a wonderful ambassador for our company.