Introducing the biggest greenwall in the Southern Hemisphere

Built with a conscious.

Mercedes-Benz Brisbane’s new home at Breakfast Creek wharf is home to the largest green wall in the Southern Hemisphere! Adding a touch of colour, spanning three levels and holding 14,000 plants the wall runs off a water and light control system to ensure plant health and all of the water is harnessed from our roof-top water collection tanks.

Conscious of our environment our new home is packed with green technology. The building doesn’t have regular light switches, but instead runs off sensors; when power doesn’t need to be used, it isn’t. The lighting system is set to adjust based on the level of natural light that filters through, all assisted by our rooftop solar panels. 

Come visit our green wall in the S-class lounge up to the level 4 showroom at the new home of Mercedes-Benz Brisbane. Located at 194 Breakfast Creek Rd, Newstead.