How to Choose Between the Best Luxury Car Brands

It is an exciting time when you make the decision to purchase your first luxury car. With so many luxury car brands on the market, it certainly is not an easy or quick choice to make. 

Many luxury cars boast high-end features, outstanding comfort, and leading technologies, but there is so much more to a car than how it looks and feels. We understand that consumers are looking to purchase the complete luxury experience. From the car itself, to the services offered by the car dealership, it is the customer’s entire journey that really makes a brand special and worth investing in.

Here’s what to look for to help you choose between the best luxury car brands for your next big purchase. 

Services Offered by Car Dealerships

When choosing which luxury car brand to invest in, the services offered by the company dealership should be just as much of a consideration as the car itself. From in-showroom interactions, to your experience online, all elements of the service are of equal importance, and should be seamless and convenient. 

It is safe to say that many people prefer finding their information online, and Mercedes-Benz Brisbane offers a variety of online services. If you are after more information regarding a particular model, a brochure request form is easy to access via the website. Organising a test drive via our website has also never been easier. 

When visiting our us in the Mercedes-Benz showroom,  we ensure a premium customer experience by tailoring our services to suit your personal needs. We are constantly looking at ways to reinvent the buying experience.

Our new facility at Breakfast Creek Wharf in Brisbane offers an interactive space to learn more about the brand and our luxury vehicles. With a full-service dealership, an antique car gallery and unique dining options, we hope to deliver a service that exceeds your expectations. This five-floor automotive centre will open for business in mid-2019.  

We value our customers at Mercedes-Benz by also providing a range of after-sales products and services. 

Where Are The Cars Made?

If we were to ask you which country you associate most with luxury car brands, you’d likely say Germany - and for good reason. 

The automotive industry is the backbone of industry in Germany, employing more people in the industry than anywhere else in the world. It is a country that has long been at the forefront of the automotive industry in terms of performance, innovation, and design. 

Mercedes Benz headquarters are in Stuttgart, with our cars also manufactured in other locations such as Canada and Austria. All facilities follow the same strict production systems, safety standards and quality assurance guidelines. 

The History Behind a Brand

Origin and history play an important role when choosing between luxury car brands. A long-standing reputation based on years of consistent quality design is integral in establishing customer loyalty and preference. 

Mercedes Benz’s unrivalled reputation dates back to 1886 when founder, Karl Benz, invented the modern automobile as we know it today. Since then, our brand has continued to create premium, well-appointed luxury vehicles that focus on safety, engineering excellence and innovation.

In fact, we are proud to say that our story and brand has shaped the automotive industry and luxury car market into what it is today. 

Ease and Affordability of Getting a Car Serviced or Repaired 

Experience with luxury car brands should not stop once the purchase has been made. All our new vehicles come with a comprehensive three-year warranty, offering extensive protection against any potential repair costs.  

Servicing and repairs are important considerations when looking to purchase a luxury vehicle. However, some brands may offer more affordable and convenient services than others. We like to assure our customers that we offer ease and cost-efficiency when sourcing car parts, organising repair costs and even roadside assistance. 

Mercedes-Benz are known as one of the most reliable automakers around the world. Our genuine parts meet the safety, performance and quality standards that our customers have come to expect. 

When it comes to servicing your car with Mercedes Benz, our capped-price servicing plans allow our customers to see for themselves what they can expect to pay. Our upfront or pay-as-you-go payments provide servicing solutions that best suit your needs. 

Ready to Make a Decision on Your Luxury Car?

Now that you have deliberated over the luxury car brands and what they offer in terms of product and service, we hope you are ready to purchase with Mercedes-Benz.

To find out more information about your future luxury car, contact us below, or visit our Brisbane showroom for a test drive.