How to Make Your Dream of Owning a Luxury Car a Reality

Dreaming about becoming the proud owner of a luxury car? Imagine jumping onto plush leather seats, admiring the stylish, polished dashboard and interior fixtures, and being in control of an engine built for premium performance. 

The idea of owning a luxury car is a dream many people entertain, but few realistically explore. 

And perhaps if they did, they’d be surprised to discover turning their dream into a reality is much more feasible than they might have thought. 

Have we got your attention?

Read on to find out how you can make your dream of a luxury car a reality at Mercedes-Benz Brisbane.

Financing Plans

A financing plan allows you to break down the cost of your car into smaller payments, spread across a defined period of time. This makes the cost much more manageable.

We have financing available, for both private and commercial luxury car purchases, as well as new and second hand cars.

Our Consumer Loan for private buyers is as flexible as you need it to be, with features that allow you to:

  • Take ownership of your vehicle at the start of the contract term
  • Build equity in your vehicle over the term of your choice
  • Structure your deposit, your final balloon payment as well as your term
  • Refinance your final balloon repayment if you wish

The Agility Loan is available to commercial and private customers. It puts you in the driver’s seat of your financial arrangement, with features including:

  • A guarantee in the future value of your car by Mercedes-Benz
  • The ability to trade, retain or return at the end of the agreement
  • The ability to increase your deposit or trade-in to reduce monthly repayments.

We also have a range of other finance leasing options available for commercial buyers. 

Consider What Extras You Really Need

Many luxury cars come with the option of additional extras. 

If you have your heart set on a luxury car, but have a tight budget, opting for the base model will keep costs down and shouldn’t detract from the enjoyment you’ll get from driving it. 

With many luxury vehicles, you’ll find the base level comes with many premium fixtures not offered as standard with a non-luxury car, so you’ll already be at an advantage. 

Buy a Second-Hand Luxury Car

At Mercedes-Benz Brisbane, we have many second hand luxury cars available for sale. Buying second-hand allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a luxury car at a more affordable price. We also offer financing for our used vehicles, allowing you to split up the cost over a period of time. Speak to our on-site advisor for more information.  

All second-hand vehicles bought at Mercedes-Benz come with a factory backed, nation-wide warranty, full safety and mechanical check, service history by qualified technicians, genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts, and 24hr roadside assistance. 

Buy From an Authorised Dealer

Buyers might be able to save some money at the outset by buying a luxury car privately, but it’s fraught with risk - including the possibility that the car will cost you much more in a few months to come.

Independent repairers may also have more difficulty sourcing parts, which means a lengthy wait, and an increased cost. 

Buying your second-hand luxury car through Mercedes-Benz Brisbane means it comes thoroughly serviced by factory-trained technicians to ensure it meets their Certified Pre-Owned standards, and will come with a one or two-year factory warranty and roadside assistance for the duration of the warranty. 

New cars come with a Mercedes-Benz Three-Year Owner Protection Plan, with the option of extending your warranty for another three years at the time of purchase, covering all defects in workmanship or materials. 

Want to Make Your Dream of Owning a Luxury Car a Reality? 

Head into the Mercedes-Benz Showroom to speak to one of our team members and see how we can help. You can also contact us via the link below. We look forward to hearing from you!