How to Take Care of Luxury Cars in Brisbane

A luxury vehicle requires regular maintenance to ensure its longevity and superior performance. There are many things owners can do to care for their luxury cars in Brisbane. Here are a few of our care tips that will help to keep your Mercedes-Benz in tip top shape. 

Listen to Your Car

The sound your car makes is often a great way to determine its condition. By recognising and locating these sounds sooner rather than later, you may be able to avoid hefty repair costs. However, our luxury cars in Brisbane do feature noise reduction techniques efforts such as wind-cheating body shapes and the use of laminated glass. So, it can be a touch more challenging to listen out for any problems. Rolling down your windows can help with this. You should also pay attention to any shakes in the steering wheel for tyre-related issues. Any unusual sounds call for immediate attention by your chosen mechanic.

Use an Authorised Mercedes-Benz Service Centre

While third-party service centres do offer quality work when servicing luxury cars, their knowledge of certain brands like Mercedes-Benz may not be as comprehensive. That's why it is always best to service luxury cars in Brisbane through highly experienced technicians at authorised service centres. 

At Mercedes-Benz Brisbane, our new precinct at Breakfast Creek features a second-floor service centre with over 40 vehicle maintenance bays. You will also find the new ‘MAHA’ vehicle test lanes to measure wheel alignment as well as steering, brake and suspension performance. To maintain the quality of your vehicle, our Mercedes-Benz centres use genuine parts for all service and repairs. If you take your vehicle to the same repair centre, not only will they know your car's history, but they will also be able to diagnose and repair any issues quickly and accurately. 

Follow a Maintenance Schedule

At Mercedes-Benz, our routine maintenance checks are designed to increase your luxury vehicle’s performance condition, prolong the life of your car and replace any wear items before they cause more serious problems. We have the longest service intervals in the luxury vehicle market, meaning less frequent servicing appointments. The service interval for luxury cars in Brisbane depends on the vehicle type. 

All models including Mercedes-AMG 43 variants:

  • All models including Mercedes-AMG 43 variants: 25,000km / 1 year (whichever occurs first)
  • All Mercedes-AMG 45 and 63 variants: 20,000km / 1 year (whichever occurs first)
  • All G-Wagon (non-AMG), Mercedes-AMG 65 and 600 (V12) variants: 15,000km / 1 year (whichever occurs first)
  • All G Professionals 10,000km/1 year (whichever occurs first)

Monitor the Tyre Pressure

Wear and tear are inevitable when tyres endure different surfaces and weather conditions. Brisbane experiences both dry and wet weather, from extreme heat to almost daily summer storms.

Our roads here in Brisbane tend to get quite hot during the summer months. Under-inflated tyres can cause your tyres to overheat, and when you combine this with Brisbane's hot roads and the chances of a blowout are a lot higher. 

Worn tyres can reduce your car’s ability to brake, therefore, increasing the likelihood of an accident. This is particularly concerning in wet weather conditions. If your tyres have insufficient tread depth, they can lose contact writhe road, causing the vehicle to skid, or aquaplane. 

All our luxury cars in Brisbane should have their tyres regularly checked either manually or by using the pressure-monitoring system. We also offer a complimentary tyre inspection at Mercedes-Benz Brisbane. During this inspection, we will conduct a pressure check, tyre rotation and tread depth inspection. 

Wash Your Car Often

Washing your car is essential for preventing dust, dirt and airborne pollutants from collecting and sticking to your vehicle. By washing your car at least twice a month, you are not only protecting it from the elements and any contaminants, but you are also maintaining the paint and finish. Your owners manual will outline what soaps as well as interior and exterior finishes you should and should not be using. 

Luxury cars, especially in Brisbane, should always be washed in the shade and either first thing in the morning or late afternoon. The main reason being that the shampoo residue can easily dry before you have the chance to wash it off, leaving water spots and streaks behind. 

Maintain Luxury Cars in Brisbane with Mercedes-Benz

Whether a recent or older purchase, luxury cars in Brisbane should always be maintained to your best ability. If you would like to book any services and repairs at Mercedes-Benz Brisbane, please get in contact. We can also provide any additional advice regarding the care of your luxury car in between services.