Reasons to Buy a Mercedes Hatchback

From our luxurious sedans, toour sleek sports cars and powerful SUVs, your choice of Mercedes-Benz cars is diverse- and plentiful. While many love the look of an SUV, from a practical standpoint, a smaller car may be what you need. And while a small car is typically very practical and economical, you may be worried about having to give up space and power. 

So, what to choose? We suggest a Mercedes Hatchback might just be the perfect compromise. Combining the shape of a sedan with the trunk of an SUV, the Mercedes Hatchback is a great vehicle option for those who are on the hunt for a small car that offers maximum storage capacity. If you are thinking of buying a Mercedes-Benz car soon, here’s why you should consider purchasing one of our hatchbacks. 

Perfect for City Driving

City dwellers will love this style of car for its compact design. The Mercedes hatchback is perfect for zipping around narrow streets and is easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces. It is also an incredibly easy vehicle to park. 

Practicality and Size

One thing the Mercedes Hatchback does not compromise on is the interior size. The rear seats can easily fold down for more cargo space. Our A-Class Hatchback boot area can hold roughly 370 litres, but with a 40/20/40-split rear, the carrying capacity expands to 1210 litres. This feature is perfect for those who regularly carry large pieces of cargo. The hatchback also offers a higher roofline and a substantial amount of rear seating space, giving your passengers plenty of headroom and space for a comfortable journey. There is more flexibility to carry a mix of cargo and people at any given time. 

Sleek Design

Style and design are often as important as the functionality of your chosen car. When designing our vehicles, Mercedes-Benz always combines tradition and modernity. This is, of course, no exception with the Mercedes Hatchback. Featuring aerodynamic lines and sleek LED headlamps, this vehicle offers a more streamlined and athletic appearance. 

Superior Visibility

Our Mercedes hatchback comes equipped with a windscreen wiper on the rear window, ensuring greater visibility in harsh weather conditions. The upright rear window, or fifth door, generally sits more upright, also providing improved visibility. 

Fuel Efficient

Fuel efficiency is a top consideration when purchasing a new car. The all new A-class Hatchback is powered by a new, efficient engine. Thanks to the lightweight, agile and aerodynamic design of the Mercedes hatchback, it offers more fuel efficiency than other car models. The new, efficient engines

Test Drive a Mercedes Hatchback Today

If you are interested in purchasing a Mercedes hatchback, why not test drive one at our new Breakfast Creek precinct. You can learn more about our A-Class Hatchback below.