Reasons to Use The Mercedes Benz Autobody to Repair Your Car

Had an accident? Perhaps your car was damaged in a storm? At Mercedes-Benz, we specialise in repairing our passenger cars and vans through our Autobody repair centres. With our three-year Owner Protection Plan, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your car is being repaired with the greatest care. While many people choose to use a third party repairer to fix any damage, there are many reasons why you should consider using the Mercedes Benz Autobody to repair your luxury car.

We Use Genuine Parts

Whether it's a headlamp, wheel, panel or your bonnet, our Mercedes Benz Autobody only uses genuine parts that have been tested and approved, as well as designed to the specifications of your particular Mercedes vehicle. For ultimate safety and reliability, all parts must pass our quality-control checks, helping us maintain our manufacturer-specified safety benefits your vehicle had when it was brand new. These intense quality-control checks allow us to ensure that your vehicle remains as safe and reliable as it was when you first purchased it. 

We use high-grade steel and aluminium, which have undergone a plating treatment for corrosion resistance on all our sheet metal parts. 

Our genuine parts are also the only repair parts protected by our two-year unlimited kilometre parts warranty. 

We never want to compromise the performance of your vehicle, so you’ll receive the best craftsmanship, performance and precision possible. 

We Use the Correct Equipment

Along with our genuine parts, we utilise the latest equipment, tools and paints to repair our vehicles. At our Mercedes Benz Autobody in Brisbane, our equipment includes:

  • Downdraft spray booths to duplicate the Mercedes factory finish
  • Paint used on our factory production lines
  • Specialised welders designed for the materials and construction found in your vehicle
  • Structural Aluminium Repair Facility to prevent the possibility of cross-contamination and corrosion from steel particles
  • Mercedes-Benz approved tooling designed for repairs only suited to a particular Mercedes-Benz model.

By using this approved equipment, our customers can feel confident that their Mercedes-Benz vehicle is in the right hands to bring it back to its pre-accident condition. 

We Use Mercedes-Benz Experts 

To ensure all Mercedes Benz Autobody repairs and paintwork are done with precision and care, we use highly qualified technicians who have undergone advanced training.

Through the Mercedes-Benz Training Academy, our technicians develop the knowledge and skills needed to carefully repair your vehicle, from Diagnostic training, to Aluminium repair and Body Technician training. Our training also offers our technicians Product Launch Trainings to educate them on all the latest product launches as well as new innovations and technologies. 

We Offer Minor Repairs

Damage like scratches is inevitable. Our Mercedes Benz Autobody in Brisbane offers repairs of all sizes, including minor repairs. Through our Small Repair, we provide our customers the opportunity to quickly repair any damage, and hopefully, without replacing parts. Whether it’s to remove a small dent, crack in the windscreen or a scratch on your aluminium rims, we can repair your vehicle efficiently and at a great price. 

Book Repairs Through Mercedes Benz Autobody

If you need some repairs done to your Mercedes-Benz luxury vehicle, then make sure you book through our Mercedes Benz Autobody. Our shop in located in Salisbury, Brisbane, is one of seventeen repairers across Australia, and is Brisbane’ sole authorised repairer for Mercedes-Benz. By putting your vehicle in the capable hands of our qualified technicians, we guarantee to repair your car without comprising its value or performance.