The Latest Range of Mercedes SUV Models

Mercedes SUV Models

In the market for a new SUV? Explore the latest range of the Mercedes SUV models in our guide to all the most recently released vehicles below. 

The 2019 GLE-Class Large Luxury SUV

Due to hit the showroom floor June 2019, this is one of the newest in our list of Mercedes SUV models. 

This luxury vehicle will come in three types, and will become the flagship in the GLE range. As you can expect, it offers more capability and safety than previous models. 

It also offers plenty of technical advancements too, including a ‘curve’ function to prevent those who tend to experience car sickness on windy roads, and a ‘bounce’ mode designed to help when bogged on the beach or stuck in mud.  This world-first technology makes the car ‘jump’ out of deep sand or mud, pushing it underneath the tyres until you get traction.

The 2019 GLS-Class SUV

Still yet to arrive in Australia, the 2019 GLS SUV is pencilled for an October arrival, and its one of our Mercedes SUV models we’re excited to get behind the wheel of. 

It has a strikingly-powerful design and impressive dimensions, setting the bar high when it comes to 7 passenger luxury vehicles so you can drive your family around in style. 

And, it’s not just kids that will be able to enjoy the back seats - the second row reclines, while the third offers the same luxury found in every other row, with the ability to fold, and plenty of space and comfort for adults. 

The 2019 GLC-Class SUV 

Featuring 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive, the GLC-Class SUV is one of our best off-road Mercedes SUV models. It can tackle any ascent, any adventure, any terrain, with an unrestricted view of the sky and in ultimate comfort. 

The GLC offers a very spacious load compartment (the most spacious in its segment). If it’s just you, the road and plenty of cargo, the variably folding rear seat backrests will allow you to transport large quantities of luggage and bulky equipment. The boot space can be expanded from 550 litres, to an incredible 1600 litres.

The 2019 G-Class SUV 

Nappa leather upholstery, bi-turbo engine and virtually indestructible; there’s nothing to dislike about the most unique of our Mercedes SUV models.

Colloquially referred to as a G Wagon, the G-Class SUV is a mid-size 4-wheel drive luxury SUV characterised its body-on-frame construction, and unique, but much-loved boxy appearance. It has been produced since 1979, and is often the go-to car for armed forces the world over for its robustness, reliability, and ability to go just about anywhere. 

The 2019 model has had a redesign, with many of the modern necessities - such as the front and back reflectors and reversing camera - refined to allow them to be more functional, and more seamlessly integrated into the classic design. 

The 2019 G-Class SUV is all about adventure meets luxury, with a more spacious and luxurious interior than ever before, coupled with incredible dynamism both on and off-road. 

Want to See These Mercedes SUV Models for Yourself? 

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