Questions to Ask When Looking at Cars For Sale

Cars for sale

You’ve decided you need a new car. You’ve probably set yourself a budget, and may have some idea of make and model in mind. The next step is to start looking at cars for sale. 

But, before you head to any showroom to take a look, it’s a good idea to arm yourself with plenty of questions for the salesperson. You’ll want to find out as much as you can about the vehicle, the finance plans they offer, as well as any additional services provided so that you’re comparing apples with apples. 

These are the questions you need to ask before making that all-important decision.

What Features Does the Car Have?

It may seem like an obvious question to ask, but it pays to make sure you’re aware of all the features when you start looking at cars for sale. 

Every Mercedes-Benz model has features that come as standard, and features that come as an optional extra. 

You should have some idea of features that are essential to you, as well as nice-to-haves. If you’re not sure what you need, your salesperson will be able to talk through all of these with you, and the benefits and costs involved. The option of adding on these extra features allows you to customise the vehicle to suit your requirements. 

Mercedes-Benz is a leading automotive innovator, which means that every new make and model will have different and enhanced features as standard and as an add-on from the model before. This might include advancements in safety, performance, aesthetics, comfort and ecology.

What Safety Measures Are In Place?

Knowing what safety features are in place is paramount when looking at cars for sale. If you’re likely to be taking passengers such as colleagues, customers or family, then additional safety features may also be high on the list. 

Mercedes-Benz places safety at the forefront of everything we do. In 1978, Mercedes-Benz introduced the second-generation Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) to the world. This remains a key safety system utilised as standard in all new cars to this day. 

In 2002, Mercedes-Benz released a ground-breaking system called Pre-Safe that detectswhen a crash is imminent. Moments before impact, the system pulls in the front seat belts and adjusts the front head restraints to optimise the effectiveness of the restraint systems.

In 2010, Mercedes implemented Attention Assist. This system measures the driver’s movements and can detect drowsiness, alerting the driver to take a break. 

As Mercedes-Benz cars have added enhancements every year, make sure to speak to your salesperson to find out about the safety features of the particular car you are enquiring about. 

What Financing Options Are Available? 

The availability of financing, types of financing offered and cost of financing will all likely play a big role in your decision-making purchase - particularly when looking at new cars for sale. 

Many dealerships offer financing, however some will be more rigid and more expensive than others. It is important that you opt for financing that suits your needs and doesn’t go over your budget.

At Mercedes-Benz Brisbane, we have a range of financing packages available, including our Consumer Loan and our Agility Programme.

Our Consumer Loan is available to private buyers. It allows you to take ownership of the vehicle at the start of the contract term, structure your deposit as well as your final balloon payment and term, and build equity in your vehicle over the term of your choice. You may also refinance your balloon payment if you wish. 

Our Agility Loan offers the most flexibility to customers. Available to both commercial and private buyers, this loan allows you to trade, retain or return your vehicle at the end of the agreement, with a future guarantee on the price of your car.  

We also offer additional purchase and leasing agreements for commercial customers.

What Service Plans Are Offered?

When looking at cars for sale, a key consideration should be the service plans offered. 

Both new and used Mercedes-Benz vehicles have the option of two service plans - Silver and Platinum. 

Our Silver Service Plan includes the replacement of brake fluid, fuel filter, spark plugs, coolant, automatic transmission, dust and cabin filter, and a rotation and balance of wheels.

Our Platinum Service Plan includes all services included in the Silver Service Plan, with the addition of brake pad and disc replacement, as well as wiper insert replacement. Wheel alignment is optional with both plans. 

Service plans can also be chosen over your preferred contract term, with payment plan options offered. 
Our dealership will be able to assist you with any additional questions you may have. 

Does the Car Come With a Warranty?

Purchasing a car is a big commitment. You want to make sure the car you take home does what it says it will. 

Mercedes-Benz Brisbane provides a warranty with all cars, new and used, purchased through the dealership.

Our Approved Pre-Owned Vehicle Warranty ensures you will receive a minimum two-year unlimited kilometre, nationwide factory-backed warranty. This provides coverage for manufacturing defects and a range of breakdown and roadside assistance situations almost anywhere in Australia.

New cars come with a Mercedes-Benz Three-Year Owner Protection Plan. This means your car is covered for parts and labour charges incurred in rectifying any manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship for three years. Repairs can be completed at your nearest authorised Mercedes-Benz dealer.

Extended warranties can also be purchased at the same time as your new car or demonstrator car to cover you for a further three years. 

Both new and used cars will receive automatic Mercedes-Benz Road Care for the duration of your warranty period. This program offers 24-hour dedicated roadside and accident assistance, and may include the provision of emergency accommodation and a replacement vehicle subject to conditions. 

Ready to Start Looking at Cars For Sale?

When you’re ready to start looking or have any other queries about our cars, services, financing or anything else, Mercedes-Benz Brisbane is happy to help.

Contact us via our website, or head into our showroom at Mercedes-Benz Brisbane at 194 Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead, or Mercedes-Benz Brisbane Pre-Owned at 824 Ann St, Fortitude Valley and Vans at 83 Fison Ave West, Eagle Farm to speak to one of our team members.