In Conversation with Li Cunxin AO.

This month, we sat down with Li Cunxin, Artistic Director of Queensland Ballet and recipient of an Order of Australia, to celebrate the beginning of Mercedes-Benz Brisbane's partnership with the Company, and to get some insight into what drives him to contiously strive for excellence.

MBB - Mercedes-Benz Brisbane is honoured to become a partner of Queensland Ballet this year, what exciting projects does Queensland Ballet have planned for the next twelve months?

Li - We at Queensland Ballet are very excited to have Mercedes-Benz Brisbane as our partner.  We have just finished our successful 60th Anniversary Gala and The Sleeping Beauty seasons.  Over the next twelve months we're excited about Dracula, Bespoke, The Nutcracker and some other stunning ballets that will be announced soon.

MBB - You have achieved so much in your life from such a young age, including performing as a Principal Dancer with the Australian Ballet, writing a best-selling book, Artistic Director at Queensland Ballet, a Motivational and Inspiriational Speaker and a recipient of an Order of Australia.  What motivates you to continuously strive for excellence?

Li - I want to make every day of my life as full as possible, and I want to really live my life to make a positive difference.  I guess if one doesn't be careful, your life can disappear so quickly without a trace, without leaving any imprint on our society, and I'd like to be able to say, when my life is all said and done, that I didn't waste it and I lived with enthusiasm, with positivity, with a sense of success and that I've made a difference in people's lives or a difference to society as a whole.

So I think that's what motivates me on a daily basis; not confirming to mediocrity.  It's easy to say 'Well I've done it', I've done more than other people, I can stop now',  but I just think life's too short, and I'd like to make as much of a contribution as I possibly can in my lifetime.

MBB - Outside of Ballet, what is your passion?

Li - AFL is one - as soon as you move to Victoria you've got to belong to an AFL Club, otherwise you can't start conversations! Every we went , sooner or later, the question would arise 'which club do you belong to', And if you say you've not club, you're in trouble.  But I also love tennis, and I've started to enjoy rugby league since I moved to Queensland - it's a brilliant game, so physical, so skillful.  Actually Mary recently said to me "I don't think there's one sport you don't like', which is so true!  I love basketball, I love Amercian football, swimming, cricket, I do love sports.

MBB - What is your favourite Mercedes-Benz and why?

Li - My favourite is the E-Class cars to drive.  I like the elegant style, the quiet, ease, smooth motion, and they're so luxurious!

MBB - Where's your favourite weekend drive destination in South East Queensland?

Li - My favourite destinations to drive to are the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast - beautiful locations so close to home!

MBB - And what is your favourite music or podcast to listen to in the car?

Li - I mostly enjoy listening to classical music in the car such as Mozart and Beethoven symphonies, but I also like to listen to wonderful musicians like Elton John and Michael Buble.  It's such a blessing to have a good sound system, and be able to enjoy beautiful music to keep you company on a road journey.