An Announcement from Dealer Principal Shane Parkins.


Mercedes-Benz Brisbane is pleased to officially announce the Mercedes-Benz Brisbane Autohaus Project. This Project will see our Fortitude Valley and Windsor dealerships relocating to Breakfast Creek Wharf in mid-2018, where we will house a number of new facilities including retail, hospitality and office space.
In the past few years we have simply outgrown our current location, with expontential growth in all departments seeing us needing to divide our business between two separate dealerships. As with any natural evolution of a thriving business, a decision was made to find a place where we could house everything under one roof for the ease of customers and employees.
With acclaimed local Architects Cottee Parker on board, we set out to develop a project that would allow us to grow further and to also be an asset to the advancement of Brisbane as a city. The result is a multifunctional, user friendly and state of the art public event space that will become  both a gateway to, and a destination in Brisbane.
Our desire is that the development will help to cement Brisbane as a world-class city with this GOMA-esque design and multipurpose facility. We intend to generate tourism through the Mercedes-Benz Brisbane Museum and lifestyle and cafe/bistro restaurant precinct on the Breakfast Creek Wharf ground level, which will operate seven days a week, year round for public enjoyment.
I look forward to bringing you updates on the Mercedes-Benz Brisbane Autohaus development over the next 18 months. Thank you for all of your support and I hope you share our excitement in this milestone announcement for Mercedes-Benz Brisbane.