Benefits of Genuine Parts

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Benefits of Genuine Parts

Are Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts really necessary to maintain the quality and integrity of my Mercedes-Benz vehicle?

Genuine Parts are the only replacement parts for your vehicle manufactured, tested and approved by Mercedes-Benz and designed to the exacting specifications of each particular Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Anything less could compromise the performance and value of your vehicle.

Do I have the right to request Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts be used in my repair work?

All Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts must pass quality control checks for unsurpassed safety and reliability. All sheet metal parts are made from the correct grade of steel or aluminium, which have undergone a specific zincro-plating treatment for corrosion resistance, and (unlike many non-original parts) are engineered to precise genuine Mercedes-Benz standards. Many generic parts do not adhere to the same high standards for quality, fit, dependability and performance.

Key Benefits of using Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts


Constant quality control checks provide unparalleled safety and reliability. Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts are critical to helping your vehicle maintain the manufacturer-specified safety benefits it had when new.


Every Mercedes-Benz Genuine Part is designed to the exact specifications of each Mercedes-Benz model. Each part must pass intense quality-control checks, helping to ensure that each Mercedes-Benz remains as safe and reliable as the first day it was driven.


Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts are the only repair parts protected by the Mercedes-Benz two year unlimited kilometre parts warranty.

Precise Fit

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts are engineered and manufactured to stringent Mercedes-Benz standards - for a precise, just-like-new fit.

Genuine Materials

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts are made from high-grade steel and quality composite materials.

Investment Protection

Imitation parts can compromise your vehicle, and may void your new vehicle warranty. With Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts you receive all the craftsmanship, performance, precision and value of Mercedes-Benz.