Genuine Windshields

Genuine Windshields

The genuine windshield.

A modern windshield is much more than just glass. It is at the forefront of innovation. Did you know, for example, that many assistant systems would not function without the multifunction camera in the windshield?

Always opt for the quality of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Windshields:

  • Ideal interaction between windshield and multifunction camera guarantees the optimum function of assistant systems
  • Finely tuned interaction with other genuine components such as Mercedes-Benz genuine glass adhesive
  • Perfect shape for watertightness and quick installation
  • Exact calibration of the sensor and camera systems
  • High stability for high levels of safety

Genuine Glass Adhesive

The genuine glass adhesive is specifically manufactured for Mercedes-Benz and extensively tested for maximum performance:

  • The genuine windshield and adhesive are responsible for up to 30 % of the body rigidity of Mercedes-Benz vehicle
  • Excellent stability, even in case of an impact
  • Fulfils the special safety and environmental requirements of Mercedes-Benz

The seal of quality: the genuine windshield signature

In the name of quality, all genuine windshields in the new model series display a Mercedes signature symbol or the signatures of Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz.

  • High-quality impression by integrating the signature in the black print
  • Clear branding of the genuine product and integral part of the vehicle design
  • Quality seal which may not be imitated or copied