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Mercedes-Benz goes to great lengths to build quality, safety and reliability into your vehicle. So why compromise with your Motor Vehicle Insurance?

Relax knowing our Insurance products are backed by two of Australia's leading insurers, QBE & Allianz. Giving you all-round protection with genuine parts# and in case of damage you can choose us, a Mercedes-Benz Autobody Repairer, to repair your vehicle.

Motor Vehicle Insurance by Mercedes-Benz.

Who better to insure your car than the people who built it?

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#If we accept a claim for accidental loss of (including theft) or accidental damage to your vehicle, but are unable to fix a damaged part, we will: where available in Australia at the time of repair, authorise the part to be replaced with a new genuine manufacturer part; where a new part is not available authorise the part to be replaced with a genuine reconditioned or recycled manufacturer part; or where a genuine part (new or used) is not locally available, authorise only new, recycled or reconditioned parts that meet the requirements of Australian Design Rules (ADR).