Never Compromise.

Start every drive on the right foot with Mercedes Original (MO) Tyres.

Keep your Mercedes-Benz performing at its best. 

Why MO Tyres are the right fit.

When it comes to delivering optimal performance - and meeting your high standards - Mercedes Original (MO) Tyres are the ideal match for your vehicle. 

Specifically designed for an exact fit and configured to work seamlessly with the safety systems inside a Mercedes-Benz, MO Tyres provide maximum reliability and comfort. All so you can take to the road with greater peace of mind.

What makes MO Tyres right.

MO Tyres are complete, high-performance products that feature over 200 materials, each with a specific function, including: 

Tread for maximised road grip. 

Shoulder for rapid water displacement on wet surfaces. 

Sidewall for advanced protection against external damage. 

Belt for optimised driving stability and rolling resistance. 

From the outer layer to the inner core, all the key components make these tyres the best fit for your vehicle. 

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