The S-Class.

Feel Intelligent Drive.

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is widely regarded as one of the finest automobiles in the world. And now, the boundaries of automotive comfort have been refined and enhanced once again. With new developments in performance, intelligence and luxury, the new S-Class is the true embodiment of the best or nothing.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Features & Facts:

Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive.

The new Intelligent Drive Technology introduces radar and camera systems to aid in navigation and overal driving. Through mapping, the system intuitively knows where you are going as well as your driving behaviour. In addition to this, the Intelligent Drive Technology also includes Active Steering Assistance that assists with the following activities:
- Maintaining a desirable speed limit
- Staying in the centre of a lane and lane changes
- Analys data stored in the vehicle to determine if you are obeying posted speed limit signs.

Magic Body Control®.

Magic Body Control® uses a pair of cameras that scan the road ahead, creating a 3-D image of the road that then feeds information to the suspension and stability systems. This allows it to compensate for bumps in the road - 'smoothing' even the rockiest of roads.

Intelligent, All-LED Lights.

Mercedes-Benz has been using standard bulbs in their vehicles for over 100 years, but with the latest S-Class models, this is no longer the case. Replacing this battery of bulbs is an incredible array of approximately 500 LED lights. These new lights do everything including providing nighttime road illumination. They also provide interior lighting, bringing life to the instrument panel, and can also be found under the hood and in the trunk.

Night-View Assist Plus®.

Nothing can ruin a nice night cruise faster than running into the local wildlife. Whether you are dealing with a wayward kangaroo, a stray cow, or one of those crazy deer that jump out in the middle of nowhere, the damage they can do to your car is unbelievable. The Night-View Assist Plus® thermal imaging camera detects these animals long before you can actually see them. It then converts this information into a series of mathematical algorithms used to trigger flashing lights that scare the animal away. Images of the animals can also been seen in the instrument cluster letting you steer away from them at the same time and avoid what could be a nasty accident.

360° of Visibility.

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class offers drivers almost 360 degrees of visibility. This includes a stereo multipurpose camera that lets the driver see 45 metres ahead in exceptional detail, and up to 450 metres ahead in slightly less detail. Along with the camera mounted behind the windshield, the S-Class uses radar that lets the driver see along the sides and rear of the car. This system offers coverage of up to 55 metres on the sides and front using short-range radar and up to 180 metres using long-range radar. 

Active Perfuming System.

Everyone knows that “nothing beats that new car smell”. However the S-Class has taken this idea one step further by adding an “active perfuming system” that has been designed to dispense one of four different fragrances. Each of these fragrances have been custom developed by Marc Von Ende and include the earthier smell of “Sports Mood” and the citrusy smell of “Downtown Mood”. Plus, you can also adjust the intensity of the perfume to your liking.

Energising Comfort Control.

Further to Active Perfuming, this system exists to improve passenger wellness above all else, and it does this by networking the vehicle’s climate controls, music, seat heating, massage programs, ambient lighting, and air fragrances together. There are six programs in total — Freshness, Warmth, Vitality, Joy, Comfort, and Training — each with its own soundtrack, scent, and end goal. Vitality, for instance, cues up a fast song and activates your muscles with an energizing massage, while the computer selects one of the 64 ambient light choices best suited for your mood. 

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