Introducing Permagard Automotive

Permagard Automotive

Permagard. The company.

Permagard is a market leader in paint protection technology; protecting over twenty billion dollars worth of aircraft, automobiles and yachts globally. Permaguard was founded in France in 1997 and now has operations in 23 countries to service the major Aviation, Automotive and Marine markets around the globe. The company specialises in the manufacturing and application of high performance protective coating products that have been engineered to perform in the toughest environments.

How does Permagard work?

The coating creates a unique plasticised barrier. Unlike wax or polish it molecularly bonds to paintwork, leaving a glass-like finish, which prevents oxidising and fading.

Once the Permagard coating has been professionally applied to your vehicle, it chemically bonds to the painted surface completely insulating and protecting the new paint from the extremities of the environment. The Permaguard coating will protect your paint from a lifetime of common contaminants such as acid rain, bird lime, tree sap, and damaging ultra violet rays.

To discuss how Permagard can protect your Mercedes-Benz, contact our Customer Care team on (07) 3251 6666.