Other Accessories


Charger with trickle charge function 5 A, for lead-acid and lithium batteries, AUS/NZ. This compact, cutting-edge charger is specially tailored to Mercedes-Benz requirements. It “revives”, recharges, checks and maintains the charge.

List Price $273.00  inc GST``


USB power charger

Rapid charging device for mobile phone.

List Price $82.00 inc GST``


Fluorescent jacket

List Price $20 inc GST``


Miniature models

A miniature model, scale 1:18, 29.7cm, the ute tops off the extra class of every collection and particularly appeals through its attention to detail. Thus, the hand-assembled precision model is not only painted in the genuine shades of paint, but also features a true-to-original representation of the interior and all equipment items. Doors and tailgates can be opened to provide a view into the interior of the vehicle.

List Price $207.00  inc GST``

B66006629 Kabara Black

B66006628 Bering White

* You must check with your authorised Mercedes-Benz dealership to ensure that the part’s design, features and technical specifications are available and fit for your vehicle. Prices are available during the promotion period from participating dealerships only and while stocks last. Prices shown are maximum fitted price including GST and are the recommended price of the accessories including fitment cost. Please note that fitment and accessory pricing may differ between Dealers which may affect your actual accessory price. All offers are limited to parts purchased and service completed until 31 December 2018.

+ Wheel pricing is per wheel, does not include tyre or fit and balance.

`` Price is for the purchase of the parts only.