Now open.

The new home of Mercedes-Benz Brisbane.

On behalf of LSH Auto Australia, we are delighted to introduce you to the new home of Mercedes-Benz Brisbane at the Breakfast Creek Wharf Lifestyle Precinct.

Opened on 1 August 2019, the full service state-of the-art dealership, occupying 22,000 sq. metres across 6 levels, has a entire floor dedicated to new vehicle display, the LSH Gallery, AMG Performance Centre, S-Class Lounge, digital vehicle customers screens, and 45 service bays to cater for all your Mercedes-Benz needs. 

As the anchor tenant, Mercedes-Benz Brisbane will occupy the mezzanine, levels one, two and four and will include a classic vehicle gallery and S-Class lounge, as well as the large interior green wall in the southern hemisphere. 

A few facts:

- The Mercedes-Benz Brisbane design is the first implementation of the new Mercedes-Benz MAR (Market Architecturer) 2020 retail corporate identiy.

- The Mercedes-Benz Brisbane service centre, has 45 vehicle service bays, 40 hoists and can service up to 100 cars per day.  It also features a clean room for engine and transmission rebuilds, overhead exhaust extraction systems movable to all work-bays, is floored in specially designed lubricant and other liquid resistant tiles, offers panoramic views of Brisbane City and is visible to customers.

We are proud to include a range of new customer experience and vehicle service technology including new 'MAHA' vehicle test lanes that measure steering, brake and suspension performance, as well as wheel alignment and tyre tread depth.  

As the Breakfast Creek Lifestyle Precinct expands into Stage 2 in 2020, you can expect unique dining and function options, including a creek-front promenade and rooftop restaurant that will allow 180-degree views of Brisbane and its surroundings, all complemented with free valet parking.