Everything to Know About the Mercedes Benz Corporate Programme

Luxury vehicle corporate programs have become rather popular over recent years by offering employees from large companies discounted luxury vehicle purchases. If your company is considering using the Mercedes Benz Corporate Programme, rest assured we strive to reward our qualified members with a car renowned for its quality, safety, luxury and performance. Here are all the benefits of our corporate programme, for both the employer and employee. 

Reduced Dealer Delivery Fee

Our dealer delivery fee at Mercedes-Benz covers a range of costs including pre-sale mechanical checks, car wash and wax from the assembly line right through to the dealership. Our Mercedes Benz Corporate Programme offers a reduced dealer delivery fee on all models.

Servicing Benefits

The Mercedes Benz Corporate Programme offers complimentary scheduled servicing for  three years or 75,000km and on certain AMG lines 3years or 60,000km whichever comes first. Within this offer period, Mercedes-Benz also offers complimentary pick-up and drop-off within 25km of the servicing dealer, or access to a loan vehicle whilst your car is being serviced. Passenger cars can be serviced at our new precinct on 194 Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead. 

Complimentary Mercedes-Benz Road Care

Whether it is a flat battery or you require vehicle towing, the Mercedes Benz Corporate Programme offers four years of complimentary road care nationwide. Mercedes-Benz Road Care is one of the most comprehensive 24-hour roadside assistance services in the country. 

If you find yourself with a flat battery, Mercedes-Benz will come to your vehicle to test its performance and jump start the battery. A replacement can also be arranged as long as the vehicle is under warranty. If your vehicle cannot be mobilised or cannot be safely driven, we will tow or transport your car to the nearest authorised Mercedes-Benz Service Centre. 

For vehicles that run out of fuel, we will provide a maximum of 5 litres of fuel for you to travel to the nearest available petrol station. 

Competitive Rates and Tailored Financial Solutions

One of Mercedes-Benz’ financial solutions for passenger cars is the Agility Finance Programme. Through our Mercedes Benz Corporate Programme, we can tailor this finance solution to our members. The Agility Finance Programme is designed to provide flexibility and peace of mind with the payments of your car. Owners can tailor their finance solution by first selecting their model, the expected amount of kilometres they will drive per year and the length of term and payment. You are also able to stay in control of the trade, refinancing and return of your vehicle once your term comes to an end. 

Access to a Corporate Sales Consultant

Just as it says, you will have access to one of our corporate sales consultants to help you make the all important decisions surrounding your car. 

Employer Benefits

The Mercedes Benz Corporate Programme offers a number of benefits to employees as well as employers.

  • It can help with employee attraction and retention
  • It is simple to implement into your business
  • It can help enhance your company’s corporate image

Find out More About the Mercedes Benz Corporate Programme 

Want to know more? Our team at Mercedes-Benz Brisbane are more than happy to help you learn more and implement the Mercedes Benz Corporate Programme into your business. To speak to a team member, get in touch online or call us on (07) 3251 6666.