Reasons to Buy 2nd Hand Cars Through Our Pre-Owned Program

2nd hand cars

At Mercedes-Benz, we promise to deliver ‘The Best or Nothing’, and this goes for both our new and 2nd hand cars. If it is your dream to own a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, but at a lower price point, we think you’ll find the right car for you through our Pre-Owned Program. Here are our top reasons for purchasing a pre-owner car through Mercedes-Benz Brisbane.

We Offer a Factory Backed Warranty

Our Pre-Owned Program guarantees that all qualified and certified Mercedes-Benz vehicles have a factory-backed warranty. This warranty is only available to our 2nd hand cars purchased through an authorised Mercedes-Benz dealership. 

At Mercedes-Benz Brisbane, we provide a Certified Premium warranty for pre-owned cars - aged up to 12 years, or 150,000km (whichever comes first).  We also offer Premium Plus warranty for 2nd hand cars less than 8 years old and with less than 120,000km on the odometer. Our warranty covers the engine, transmission and rear axle, as well as equipment that supports these components. We will either repair or replace manufacturing defects free of charge as long as it’s during the warranty period. Our warranty also covers a range of breakdown and roadside assistance situations. Note that our factory-backed warranty does not cover accessories, modifications and bodies supplied by third party manufacturers. 

We Care About Safety

Safety is everything to us at Mercedes-Benz, and this is also applicable to our 2nd hand cars. All pre-owned vehicles come with a 100 point safety check, designed to test the integrity of the car and identify any safety issues that the car might have. We cover the important parts of the vehicle during our check, including the brakes, steering, transmission and battery. 

We Use Genuine Parts

Serious safety risks can be associated with using fake parts. That’s why at Mercedes-Benz, we use genuine parts for both new and 2nd hand cars and set the same standards for pre-owned cars as we do for those that leave our factory brand new. Whatever the part, we can assure you they are of the highest quality and Mercedes-Benz test and approved.

All our genuine Mercedes-Benz parts, including batteries, brakes and tyres, must pass quality control checks for safety. 

Our genuine batteries use the finest materials and latest technology to supply power to all electrical systems in our cars. We guarantee a solid battery performance and value for money with this genuine part. 

The braking system is one of the most important components of a car. We only use Mercedes-Benz genuine breaks to maintain the quality of your braking system in your pre-owned car. 

We Check the History of the Car

Before selling a pre-owned vehicle, we make sure we run a comprehensive service history check. This helps check to see that our 2nd hand cars have not been written off, stolen or undergone an odometer wind back. It also allows us to see if the car was properly maintained by the previous owner. 

Take a Look at our 2nd Hand Cars at Mercedes-Benz Brisbane

Ready to purchase one of our 2nd hand cars? Peruse our pre-owned vehicles through our website, or head on down to our Pre-Owned Showroom on Ann Street in Fortitude Valley. We have also opened our new, multi-level showroom on Breakfast Creek Rd, Newstead. We welcome you to come and explore our new space which features a class car museum and full-service dealership.