Types of Ex Demo Cars for Sale at Mercedes Benz Brisbane

If you have decided to purchase a Mercedes-Benz demonstrator vehicle but you are not sure what type of car best suits your needs and lifestyle, then you have come to the right place. At Mercedes-Benz Brisbane, we sell a variety of demonstrator vehicles at our Pre-Owned showroom on Ann Street in Fortitude Valley. Our demonstrator cars are kept in the best condition and often include top of the line features. Here are the most popular types of ex demo cars for sale at Mercedes Benz Brisbane. 

The Sedan

This body type is a traditional passenger car that typically features four doors, a sloping roof down to the boot, a three-box configuration and a separate boot compartment. Many drivers choose to purchase a sedan for its safety and handling.

Our C-Class Sedan is one of the more popular ex demo cars for sale. With its sporty and modern design, chrome features and spacious interior, the C-Class Sedan is an excellent choice if you are looking to zip around Brisbane in style. Our demonstrator sedans have less than 10,000km on the odometer, and they all come with a factory-backed warranty, 100 point safety check, comprehensive service history and 24hr roadside assistance.

The Wagon    

If you are after a car that is bigger than a sedan, but slightly smaller than an SUV, then we suggest a wagon. At Mercedes-Benz, we offer several wagon-inspired ex demo cars for sale; C-Class Estate, E-Class All-Terrain and CLA Shooting Brake. 

So why is a Mercedes-Benz wagon the car for you? First of all, they balance both practicality, performance and style. Take the E-Class Terrain, for example. This vehicle offers a load compartment volume of up 1820 litres and the ability to drive through a variety of terrains. 

Sports Cars and Convertibles

For those looking at purchasing a high-performance vehicle with a sleek design, either a sports car or convertible is the car for you. Whether you're after a Coupe, Roadster or Cabriolet, we guarantee to have ex demo cars for sale that are suitable for your lifestyle needs. 

Many sports cars and convertibles offer versatility when it comes to the roof. You have the best of both worlds being able to easily convert your car with a push of the button. 

Mercedes Coupes are two-door and two-seat vehicles with a low, fixed roof. This type of car is perfect for thosewhoprefera sporty and stylish aestheticover additionalspacerequirements. The Roadster body type is an open-top, two-seat car with a design that also emphasises a sporty appearance. Both the SLC and SL Roadster feature a retractable roof. The Cabriolet is a coupe featuring either a convertible hard or a foldable soft top. Unlike the Roadster, our Cabriolets at Mercedes-Benz can seat up to four passengers. 

Purchase Ex Demo Cars for Sale at Mercedes Benz Brisbane

Want to know more about the types of ex demo cars for sale at Mercedes Benz Brisbane? We invite you to visit us on Ann Street, or to peruse our options online. Before selling our pre-owned vehicles, we run a comprehensive service history check and safety check. We have also opened our new, multi-level showroom on Breakfast Creek Rd, Newstead, and we welcome you to explore our new space.