Our Reviews

Hope Dowley - June 2020

Amazing customer service and experience. Maria is a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond to help me find a vehicle. Thanks to the team for great service always. 

Keith Clark - June 2020

You cannot beat MBB customer service, made to feel like a priority whenever you visit regardless if you are there for a look around, a service or to buy. 

Margaret Costello - May 2020

I recently had my car serviced and wish to express my thanks and appreciation to Happy in the Service division. From the initial greeting, explanation of service required and pickup, all went smoothly and he was excellent to deal with. 

Secondly, I wish to thank Andrew K in diagnostics for his expertise and similar high quality of service provided. 

Sean Cryer - October 2019

Allan the Sales Rep was very attentive and professional having the patience to show us various models and explaining the finer details. We ended up with a nice sporty yellow one. Thanks Allan!

Stephen Harris - October 2019

I really love the new place. The team are more engaged than ever ... the service is wonderful.

Dean S - September 2019

This place has the best cars and the best customer service. 

Dion Sant - February 2019

Happy, Elijah and the team of service professionals are a true credit to the Mercedes-Benz brand name.  After a few teething issues with my new W177 A-Class, the team assisted and rectified the issues without any problems at all.  I would recommend MBB to anyone who takes pride in MB ownership.  The Dealer Prinicpal must be proud of his staff.  Well done team and thank you.

Amy Leung - February 2019

A hug thank you to Levi and Ro for the excellent experience we had with our purchase.  Thank you for your patience and being extremely accommodating.

Rachel Vasil - March 2019

Happy was a pleasure to deal with, along with Elijah and the other service members.

Stan Inglot - November 2018

I like this Vans Service Centre at Eagle Farm. It's quick honest. I give them 5+.

Mair Constructions - October 2018

Nick Maras was great! He went above and beyond to help us find the perfect car for us. Would definitely recommend him and will definitely come back to get another Mercedes-AMG through him. Thanks Nick for everything!

Warren Thomson - October 2018

Vans Service & Parts Centre - great service and fair price.

Wendy W - September 2018

We have just picked up our dream car and had some of the best customer service we have had when purchasing our car. Nicholas was informed at the beginning that we will always tell the truth and that no games would be tolerated. Nicholas, treated us with the respect we deserved and when the crunch came went into bat for us and got us the deal we needed to settle on our new AMG. Not an easy task! We have just driven the car back home to the Fraser Coast and are still smiling even after a 14 hour day. Thank you Nicholas for making this dream of a Mercedes-AMG convertible possible.

Kelli Blackburn - August 2018

Last Friday, at 45 years of age I bought my first car. A hot little MB A 200 d and honestly, the vehicle sold itself. You can find info all over the internet for anything you want to research but what you don't really find are how people's experiences were. This review is wholeheartedly recommending Trevor Saddington at Mercedes-Benz Brisbane, Fortitude Valley.
I’ve been around a few car yards in my time and every salesperson generally spoke to my husband, which is fine however none had ever given me the courtesy Trevor extended. After advising Trevor this was my purchase, he still respectfully included my husband in the conversation and invited him to the test drives which he sweetly declined as to not influence my decision.
Praise should be given where due and there was hesitation at first to go to MBB FV, hearing from people who’ve not had the best experience, I hope they do go back to be proven wrong with Trevor. Special mention must also go Oliver and Michelle in Finance who were equally fantastic!
My overall experience at MBB FV was nothing but professional, fun and respectful and I think every woman regardless of age should have the wonderful experience I did.

Cameron Miller - July 2018

Karl in Sales, Ryan and Oliver in Finance at MBB Pre-Owned were great. They went through every detail I needed to know without having the typical car salesman vibe. They really seem to have client interests at heart as opposed to just wanting the sale. The quality of car I purchased is fantastic.

Malcolm Gay - June 2018

Andrew and Happy recently handled an inspection of a vehicle I was looking to buy.
I met with the service manager, Andrew, to understand if his team could assess an older vehicle.
Andrew is clearly proud of his team and he explained his teams capability and the depth experience his team offered and Happy was appointed to oversee the inspection process.
I found Happy to be efficient helpful and polite. Most importantly he passed on knowledge and insights to look for, prior to bringing the vehicle in.
The inspection was done on time (necessity required a short timeframe) and at the agreed price, with information explained and provided in an easy to understand format.
Happy then made himself available to clarify any item the team identified, should I want more information.
Biggest indicator for anyone considering their services - I would not hesitate to use them again.

S Milano - June 2018

I bought my C 250 from Sales Executive, Jeremy Hinds at Mercedes-Benz Brisbane. The service was fantastic and Jeremy was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. This is the second vehicle our family has purchased from Mercedes-Benz Brisbane.

Terri McGuire - April 2018

I can't speak more highly of the fantastic experience I have had with Mercedes-Benz Brisbane. The entire sales team including Mark and Michael provided me with such a great sales and delivery experience. I can't wait to get to service my new car in your new facilities. Thanks Shane, you have assembled a wonderfully professional team that will keep me coming back.

Mik Rauha - March 2018

I've been having problems after my dog bit my only key fob. John from spare parts has exceeded my expectations and handled the problem very well. So upper management trust me, he needs a pay-rise. The Fortitude Valley dealership is immaculate, all staff are dressed in suits and very tidy, & friendly (not pretend friendly). Even when I'm just a dirty old biker, with a second hand Benz, pulling in on a Harley or whatever I am riding, I am still greeted & treated respectfully, and any questions are answered in a professional way. The Mercedes is a beautiful driving, handling, comfortable, well braking, safe machine, & the dealership matches the whole experience. You guys have me as a life long customer. Currently my wife is looking at a Porsche Cayenne, BMW SUV, or Range Rover Evoque, I will take her to Mercedes-Benz to just have a look at them. I'm thinking that after she's had the experience she will also be driving a new Benz in the near future.

Brad Cook - February 2018

I’d like to thank all the staff myself & my children had the pleasure of dealing with this morning. In particular I’d Like to thank Tim for the interaction he had with my son. We had simply been in the area and my son (who loves all types of cars) asked if we could have a look in the showroom. Tim first came up and introduced himself to us and said we were more than welcome to have a look around. As we were leaving he asked my son if he would like to sit in a beautiful blue convertible that was near the door. This made my sons day, thank you.
You will be happy to know as we walked up the street both my kids said they want to buy a car from there as everyone was so nice.
Thanks again to all the staff.

Kylie Shackel - February - 2018

Thank you Wade Beaumont for all your help in purchasing our new GLE SUV. We love it. We had been looking for a while and your advice gave us the comfort to know we were buying the best car to suit our family needs. We appreciated your time and that you listened to what we wanted from a car. Would highly recommend Wade from Mercedes-Benz Brisbane.

Des Williams - January 2018

Just love when you pull-up your car is valet parked.