In Conversation with Stephanie Rice.

OAM, Olympic Gold Medallist and Mercedes-Benz Brisbane Friend of the Brand.

With the Tokyo Olympic Games just around the corner, we sat down with Mercedes-Benz Brisbane Friend of the Brand, Stephanie Rice, to talk Olympics, Mercedes-Benz and get some insights into her life.

MBB - You've been with Mercedes-Benz Brisbane's Friend of the Brand for almost two years now, it has been our priviledge to get to you know and partner with you over this time.  What drew you to partner with MBB as our Friend of the Brand?

Steph - I have absolutely loved my time working with MBB so far.  It's a huge privilege for me to be working with such a prestigious brand and often reflect on how far I have come to be in this position today.  My love for Mercedes started long ago as my grandpa loved cars and drove a Mercedes for many years and my dad loves F1, so I have grown up surrounded by beautiful cars.  I purchased my first Mercedes-Benz when I was living in America and absolutely loved my C-Class, so when I moved back to Australia, I purchased the same car again through MBB.  After three years I was looking to upgrade my car through MBB and that's when the opportunity to become a friend of the brand presented itself.  This role is honestly a dream come true (because who doesn't want to drive a range of beautiful Mercedes-Benz) and the team at MBB has welcomed me in so openly and I really feel a part of the family.

MBB - You're a three times Olympic Gold Medallist and five times world record holder, plus a recipient of an OAM... It's fair to say that with a resume like that, that being a High Performer runs in you blood.  What do you believe the formula to high performance is?

Steph - Great question.. and thank you :). High Performance is simply the cultivation of good habits that you practice consistently time and time and time again.  For me personally, I pride myself of doing all things with excellence, whether that's washing the dishes or speaking at a large corporate function, I'm always trying to deliver my best performance and learn from every opportunity so I can be even better next time.  So to summarise, High Performance is about consistently doing the 1 percent's to the best of your ability, reflecting on your performance, adapting to the environment and always striving to be the best you can be.

MBB - What has been the best piece of advise you've ever received?

Steph - When I was 15 I was given a piece of paper with a quote on it, and it has been my motto ever since.  It's by Napoloen Hill, "whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve".   For me, this means whatever I dream about, desire and can visualise myself doing, means that I have the ability to experience and achieve that in my reality.  So many people have desires and goals that they fantasize about but believe it's not possible for them... This quote reminds me that if I have the ability to visualise it in my mind, then I have the ability to create it in my reality.

MBB - You are a self-confessed fan of Formula One.  Which as been your favourite race to attend? And which one is next on your list (once worldwide travel is possible again)?

Steph - Yes, I love F1.  It's the only sport I watch actualy aside from swimming.  My Dad is a huge fan and so as a little girl, I grew up watching the races with him and his mates on the weekend.  This was way before F1 was trendy and popular, so when I would tell my friends I was going to Melbourne to watch the race, they would look at me confused because they'd never heard of F1 before.

I think I have been to so many races in Melbourne as a young teenager, sitting in the open grandstand with big earphones on, rain bucketing down... That has become my ideal way to watch a race vs sitting in a corporate box with glamourous people who don't really care about the race itself.  I've been fortunate through my overseas work through Asia Pacific that I have managed to add a few extra days to the schedule and see the Singapore night race, as well as the final race in Abu Dhabi.  I would love to get to Silverstone one day, along with the Austrian GP because the scenary looks magical.

MBB - What's your favourite Mercedes-Benz and why?

Steph - I love the C 300 Coupe... It's such an elegant shape, modern interior and technology and feels amazing to drive. 

MBB - Where's your favourite weekend drive destination in SE Qld?

Steph - I love the Gold Coast Hinterland.  The expansive views and lucusious greenery,  windows down with the fresh air... bliss!

MBB - And what is your favourite music or podcast to listen to in the car?

Steph - I don't have a favourite artist or song,  I just like music that has a good beat, makes me feel happy and positive and something I can really belt out (on my own of course haha). If I'm in the mood for educational learning on a drive, then I will listen to podcasts or YouTube by Jim Kwik, NPT How I Built This, or something from Abraham Hicks.