Meet Our AMG Specialists

AMG Brand Specialist: Nicholas Maras

AMG Brand Specialist, Nicholas Maras, is one of our most passionate and customer-focused team members. With over six years automotive experience, Nick has worked previously as both a Sales Executive and Assistant Sales Manager with other vehicle performance brands in Brisbane. It was here he was awarded a number of awards for his product knowledge and sales savviness.

AMG Brand Specialist: Chad Molenaar

Chad Molenaar, who was previously with the Mercedes-Benz Brisbane team as a Sales Executive for three years as been welcomed back to the MBB family as an AMG Brand Specialist. In the interim Chad grew his knowledge of the automotive industry working as a Business Manager for another prestige automotive brand. 

AMG Service Specialist: Declan Gatehouse

Declan Gatehouse has been our resident AMG Service Advisor since 2015. Prior to this, he worked as a Mercedes-Benz Apprentice and then a Technician for six years. Declan’s experience combined with his passion for AMG vehicles ensures you receive the best possible result each time you service with us.